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Because of my experience with PTSD as well as a myriad of other things that I’ve gone through growing up, I wholeheartedly believe in and am all about;

  • empowerment
  • sharing
  • practical positivity
  • fun and function
  • overcoming things that seem hopeless in order to create the life of your dreams
  • doing things and then sharing what I’ve learned from them


Last year I felt, for the first time, what empowerment was. It was this incredible moment when what I did came from my heart and I didn’t need any validation from anyone or anything else. I felt what it was like to take charge of my life without fear. I felt what it was like to understand what Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams try to show us in shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and Alias. I truly felt what it was to live outlaid, live fully, understand that nothing is as important as joy, love and gratitude. It was the most amazing feeling of my life. I’m not perfect at keeping that feeling with me, but I work diligently and intently on feeling it whenever possible and if I’m not, figuring out why and shifting into that feeling again. Ultimately, what I’ve discovered is that it comes down to trust. Trusting that you are doing what needs to be done, trusting in love and abundance and trusting that you can handle whatever life throws your way.

Practical Positivity

I remember watching Pollyanna when I was a kid and loving it! It was one of my favorite movies. Then I remember being confused when the adults around me would say things like “she’s such a Pollyanna” and mean it in a negative way. As I grew up, I remember trying to keep my positive perspective to myself for fear of being told I wasn’t being realistic. Then one day I thought “when did ‘realistic’ become negative?” Why can’t positivity be realistic? It’s all about perspective…right? I believe there are more positive things in the world than negative. The issue is that we focus on the negative and we’re inundated with the negative so much more than we are the positive.

I also realized that a lot of the outwardly positive people in the world, tend to deny the facts of certain situations.

So, I came up with the term “practical positivity.” It’s all about perspective. For example, a practically positive person would look at the crash I was in and acknowledge the awful parts of it. I mean, people lost their lives, I lost my mind, it was one of the most horrific experiences of my life. You can’t deny that. The difference is that positive people don’t “live” in that. They acknowledge, but they also acknowledge the good parts as well and choose (very important word) to focus on those things. I learned an insane amount of lessons, I found out what I’m made of (so to speak), I made some great friends because of it. I don’t take things for granted.

That’s practical positivity. Acknowledge all areas of the situation and then choose to focus on the positive ones.

Fun and Function

This is a big one for me. I am also a firm believer in making the things around you reflect who you and surrounding yourself with things you love. I don’t understand why when we become adults, everything become “beige.” Why? I get just as much done (if not more) when I have a nice notebook to write in or a fun screen saver or I’m surrounded by pictures of people, places and things that make me smile.

Overcoming things that seem hopeless in order to create the life of your dreams

I remember watching “The Secret” (which is a movie that helped me to begin to shift into a different perspective) and in the movie, a man who was in a plane crash is talking about being in the hospital and hearing the doctors say he would never walk again. He says “as long as you have your mind,” you can do anything. I call PTSD, “the ultimate in overwhelm.” Every fiber of your being is overwhelmed. It hurts to be touched, voices are extremely loud even when someone is whispering, you can’t close your eyes without being back in the horrific thing that made it so you have PTSD. You can’t rest in order to get better because when you close your eyes, you see horror. It’s extreme. You literally don’t “have your mind.”

I say this to stress the fact that if someone like me, someone who literally lost her mind, can overcome and create the life of her dreams, anyone can. Honestly. I truly believe that. Listen, I’m not saying it’s easy, in fact, it can be really really challenging. What I am saying is that with determination, focus, intention and the right perspective, anyone can absolutely create the lives of their dreams.

Now, I know there’s someone out there saying “I want to play basketball and I’m only 5 feet tall so it’s impossible for me to create the lives of my dreams.” To which I would respond “what is it about basketball that you love so much? Can you find that doing something other than playing basketball?” Often times we look at the “job” (basketball player because you love to get the crowd going) as the lead to our ultimate dream life, when in reality, it’s “the work” (giving a workshop on basketball and getting the crowd fired up) we do that leads us there. Do you see the difference?

Doing and Sharing

Imagine if your grandparent, parent, teacher, never talked about their struggles. Never showed you how to do something. Never expressed how difficult a job was that they accomplished?

We have an epidemic of people only sharing their highlight reel with the world right now. People are being taught (without realizing it) that happiness is a given. Sometimes happiness can be really challenging to achieve and so if we feel like it should be a given and then we don’t have it, we become discouraged. The reality is, we are inundated with fear based media on one side (the news) and people’s highlight reels on the other (social media), now these are generalizations, but you get my point. If we aren’t shown how to find happiness or create our lives or even shown the fact that it takes work to achieve certain things, then how the heck are we supposed to know that?

We’ve got to start sharing. We’ve got to share our struggles as much as our triumphs. We’ve got to share how  we got from point A to point B. And when I say “we,” I mean everyone. Because what works for me may not work for you so the more ways we can show, the better chance of showing someone something that works.

This is a passion of mine. I am passionate about DIY or CIY (create it yourself) as I like to call it in all areas from self-empowerment to crafting to home improvement projects. Let’s start showing different ways. I don’t know about you, but I am not a one size fits all kinda gal so please share your ideas, thoughts, concerns crafts, etc with me. I can’t wait to start a conversation and learn from you!