When I was a teenager (I’m about to date myself. lol) the big trend was the NO FEAR brand and boy did I take it and run with it.

I had the t-shirts, the school supplies, but most prominent were the stickers you would put on your car. I had this amazing old car that was once a brown but was now spray painted “Saturn green” (including the hubcaps which would fly off anytime I drove over a bump) by my grandpa who was someone who would dive into learning new things like no-one I’ve ever met. It was as if there was a new hobby obsession every time we would get to see him and when he decided it was a hobby he liked, he bought every gadget, book, clothing item (you MUST dress the part), etc he could find. His obsession right before gifting me his old car for my 16th birthday was a new prosumer compression paint gun.

This car was amazing…in addition to it being a color that was only seen on models at least 10 years newer than it was, it had camel brown interior, the roof was a cloth that was coming undone and would fall in front of my face from time to time while driving (not the safest thing in the world. lol), after having to come out to help me start it in the frigid Minnesota winters because the choke would get stuck and it was a two person job where one had to hold the choke open with a coat hanger while another turned the key all the while praying there wasn’t going to be some other reason it wouldn’t turn over, my dad put a hand choke like the kind on a lawnmower in it, the power steering was out and there was a giant hole in the exhaust that made it so you knew I was coming AT LEAST a mile away.

Then there were the no fear stickers. I put them everywhere on this car. I lived my life by that motto. I worked my ass off so I could get out of the small town I was living in and see the world. And, I did both. Then of course, following the model of NO FEAR, I followed my dreams to Los Angeles where I promptly became comfortable and had some really scary experiences that allowed for me to let the fear creep in.

Last year something tragic happened and we lost someone waaaaaaay too soon and the saying “life is too short” hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized how small my life had become, a life I had designed for bigness from a very early age. I realized that for the first time in my life, I had regret. This was not a feeling I was going to become used to having.

It was upon that realization that I decided to make a plan, a plan to make my life as big as I had wanted it to be when I was driving that car and living the NO FEAR motto.

I sat with myself and thought about regret…what do I regret and can I change it and what, moving forward, will I regret not doing? I looked up the NO FEAR stickers from my youth and took a screen shot of one that became my screensaver as I set out to remedy the regret factor in my life.

I decided that one of the dreams I’ve always had is to write and speak so I dove into Toastmasters and began writing a blog again. As I was working on those two things I realized I regret not sharing all of the experiences and lessons and perspectives I have on indie film and Indie Movie Mastery was born. And, I realized that I didn’t want to wait any longer to go on that epic road trip my husband and I have dreamed about taking for years and so a plan in being made for that to happen in 2018.

I say all of this because it’s important. It’s important to dream and to make a plan to achieve those dreams. And so, I ask you:

What is it that you used to laugh in the face of, that now scares you because you “know too much?”

What will you regret not doing in your life?

If the answer to these questions is to make a movie, I would love to help you in this.

I’ve said it a million times and I’m sure I’ll say it a million more, I truly believe your voice matters and that the world needs to hear it. When I say world, BTW, I don’t necessarily mean the entire world, it could just be a small segment of the population, but someone needs to hear it, that I know for sure.

Please don’t let another year go by without making your dream a reality. Please don’t wait until tragedy hits to realize how short life is. Create the life of your dreams! It’s possible.

With All My Creativity,





Here’s a solution

For years after I produced my first feature, April Showers, I was asked how we were able to raise money, get name talent, get a free SWAT team, and release the film in a groundbreaking way both online and in theaters.

Then when we became the first production team to ever produce a narrative feature specifically for, I began answering those questions in public as co-host of the podcast, Film Method, at various film festivals on panels and while being interviewed by others in the industry on their podcasts.

Sharing the secrets to how we had done all these things was a huge thrill for me because we are in an industry where people guard their secrets like their lives depend on it. Having been in the self-help industry for years, I see this secret guarding as a mindset of lack.

My opinion is that there is more than enough to go around and if I can empower just one filmmaker to share a story they really care about, I can help change the world.

And, so, with an attitude of abundance, I set out to create a way to empower filmmakers by educating and inspiring them on how they can make their passion projects a reality and create a career that sustains them financially and soulfully.

It is out of this idea that Indie Movie Mastery was born.

Indie Movie Mastery combines my 16+ years in the Hollywood entertainment industry along with my unique “productively positive” perspective and love for all things “how-to” into a program that will get you from a dream to a reality.

The program itself is over 8 hours of pre-recorded course work, blogs, worksheets, etc. diving into: development, funding, production, distribution and marketing all designed to have you working on your passion project while setting yourself up for long-term career success (read: Money).

In addition to this DIY, work at your own pace program, I have decided to peel back the curtain even further.

I’ve taken on the project I talk about above as a consulting producer and will be doing Facebook live videos in a secret group where I’ll walk you through the process of making a passion project come to fruition.

It is unprecedented access to me and it will only be available in 2017. It is live so you can ask questions and interact with me and others in the group.

I firmly believe that movies can change people lives and I believe that there is more than enough room for everyone. Your voice matters and I want to help you get it out in the world.

The course is in the pre-order stages at $3,000. It will go up to $3750 in January when it’s officially launched. We have payment plans available if you email to set up a call with my wonderful associate Alice.

You can also learn how you can win the course for free below.

I have to be honest with you, people have asked me why $3750 because working with me for a year typically costs $50,000. My response to that is that I truly want filmmakers to make the projects they really want to make so I’ve priced it low enough that it’s not going to break the bank. You can put the cost of the program into your project budget with ease. I also wanted to price it high enough that you’ll actually open it and do the work.

So many times we buy programs with the best of intentions and we forget about them. I know this program can change your life and I know you can make the movie you want to make if you do the work I’m setting in front of you so I priced it high enough that you’ll take it seriously.

Please you guys, really sit and ask yourself what you really want, then ask yourself why you’re not getting it. It’s the best time ever to be an indie filmmaker because we don’t have to wait for someone else to give us permission. Invest in yourself, invest in your dream and greenlight your own passion project today!



How to raise funding is the #1 question I get asked.

The first step to raising funds is to know exactly how much you need to ask for. That entails doing a preliminary budget.

Don’t panic.

I am a rare bird who loves budgeting and have created the 21 day budget challenge as a way to help you breakdown the budgeting, you need to do in order to raise money, into small steps.

And, it’s yours for free!

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