It’s My Mom’s Birthday…and There’s Presents for You!

Happy Birthday to my mom!

21 days ago I set out to create a blog series aimed at empowering indie filmmakers. I wanted to honor the creative spirit of indie filmmakers and couldn’t think of a better way to do it than honor the woman who not only gave me life, but instilled my ability to produce by nurturing my creative spirit while showing me how much hard work, dedication and business sense it takes to have a career in show business.

I remember sitting at our kitchen table when I was about 18 years. I was a senior in high school and my parents and I were talking about my future. I said to them (as I had so many times before since I was a child), “I want to move to Los Angeles to be an actor.” I waited to hear their typical response, “Los Angeles is going to fall into the ocean.” But, that response didn’t come. Instead my mom, without joking, lifted her head and looked me straight in the eye with a loving but fearfully firm stare…the kind only a mother can give and said “OK, but there is truth to the term ‘starving artist’ so you’d better have a damn good plan.” I had never seen her look quite this serious and I knew to take those words to heart. And, I did.

Being a planner is in my blood. I’m a Virgo and have always loved a good binder, calendar, notebook. Going to the office supply stores is a giddy experience for me on a good day and where I find solace on a stressful day.

I was also blessed to watch my parents pursue their dream of being in a rock band. I watched as my mom made call after call booking their gigs during the day, fell asleep to the sound of them practicing at night and watched them drive off in the band’s big blue school bus headed for gigs on the weekends. So, when my mom said those words to me, I knew exactly what she meant and understood at a level not many do, that the plan needed to be scheduled and treated like a job.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I understood just how set up I really was. I watched as my fellow actors floundered around working to figure out their plan while I was able to implement mine. Because I had a plan when I first came out here, I was able to advance much quicker than my cohorts. I got a manager within the first two months, booked my first audition, signed with an agent within the first year and booked Buffy the Vampire Slayer shortly after.

Then when I began producing, planning became my job and I was so grateful to have understood just what it takes to make it in this business.

My mom gave me that gift and so, today, on her birthday, I want to give you that gift.

I created Indie Movie Mastery in order to set filmmakers up for success, not only in their movies, but in their careers, just like my mom set me up for success.

So, today, on her birthday, for one day only I am going to give you the course for half off the already discounted $3,000 pre-order price. Today only, you can get the course for $1500. Enter: DREAMBIGNOW at checkout.

Tomorrow, I am going on vacation for the holidays and when I come back, the course will be officially launching and the price will go up to $3750. It won’t be this low again.

Please consider investing in yourself and allowing me to help you make a plan for your future. You can put the course into your budget and make that money back (I show you how) so it really is a matter of whether you believe you can do it or not. And, if it’s something you’re dreaming about but you don’t have the belief, let me hold that belief for you while you work through the course and learn to believe in yourself. Imagine, by this time next year, you could be shooting your dream film fully funded!

I do not want filmmakers to be starving artists anymore. That doesn’t serve anyone. It’s time to shift into abundance and make money making your movie. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for my mom ;)…but really, do it for yourself.
With All My Creativity,




What is Indie Movie Mastery?

For years after I produced my first feature, April Showers, I was asked how we were able to raise money, get name talent, get a free SWAT team, and release the film in a groundbreaking way both online and in theaters.

Then when we became the first production team to ever produce a narrative feature specifically for, I began answering those questions in public as co-host of the podcast, Film Method, at various film festivals on panels and while being interviewed by others in the industry on their podcasts.

Sharing the secrets to how we had done all these things was a huge thrill for me because we are in an industry where people guard their secrets like their lives depend on it. Having been in the self-help industry for years, I see this secret guarding as a mindset of lack.

My opinion is that there is more than enough to go around and if I can empower just one filmmaker to share a story they really care about, I can help change the world.

And, so, with an attitude of abundance, I set out to create a way to empower filmmakers by educating and inspiring them on how they can make their passion projects a reality and create a career that sustains them financially and soulfully.

It is out of this idea that Indie Movie Mastery was born.

Indie Movie Mastery combines my 16+ years in the Hollywood entertainment industry along with my unique “productively positive” perspective and love for all things “how-to” into a program that will get you from a dream to a reality.

The program itself is over 8 hours of pre-recorded course work, blogs, worksheets, etc. diving into: development, funding, production, distribution and marketing all designed to have you working on your passion project while setting yourself up for long-term career success (read: Money).

In addition to this DIY, work at your own pace program, I have decided to peel back the curtain even further.

I’ve taken on the project I talk about above as a consulting producer and will be doing Facebook live videos in a secret group where I’ll walk you through the process of making a passion project come to fruition.

It is unprecedented access to me and it will only be available in 2017. It is live so you can ask questions and interact with me and others in the group.

I firmly believe that movies can change people lives and I believe that there is more than enough room for everyone. Your voice matters and I want to help you get it out in the world.

The course is in the pre-order stages at $3,000. It will go up to $3750 in January when it’s officially launched. We have payment plans available if you email to set up a call with my wonderful associate Alice.

You can also learn how you can win the course for free below.

I have to be honest with you, people have asked me why $3750 because working with me for a year typically costs $50,000. My response to that is that I truly want filmmakers to make the projects they really want to make so I’ve priced it low enough that it’s not going to break the bank. You can put the cost of the program into your project budget with ease. I also wanted to price it high enough that you’ll actually open it and do the work.

So many times we buy programs with the best of intentions and we forget about them. I know this program can change your life and I know you can make the movie you want to make if you do the work I’m setting in front of you so I priced it high enough that you’ll take it seriously.

Please you guys, really sit and ask yourself what you really want, then ask yourself why you’re not getting it. It’s the best time ever to be an indie filmmaker because we don’t have to wait for someone else to give us permission. Invest in yourself, invest in your dream and greenlight your own passion project today!



In addition to the massive discount I’m giving you above, I wanted to give you something for free…

How to raise funding is the #1 question I get asked.

The first step to raising funds is to know exactly how much you need to ask for. That entails doing a preliminary budget.

Don’t panic.

I am a rare bird who loves budgeting and have created the 21 day budget challenge as a way to help you breakdown the budgeting, you need to do in order to raise money, into small steps.

And, it’s yours for free!

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