“Just got for it!” This is a thought that’s on a constant loop in my head. Sometimes it’s super loud and clear and sometimes it’s as if it’s coming from a mouse hidden in the corner afraid of the cat. Talking just loud enough that it hopes you hear it, but so low that it’s generally a futile attempt. But, it’s there, being said and it’s my job to listen.

Do you have that voice? I believe we all do. It’s just important for us to recognize it. Sometimes, it’s being said in what sounds like a foreign language because we’re not aware it’s there and it’s getting all mixed up with all our other voices/thoughts…those thoughts that don’t matter. It’s that one voice we should hear as we step off the train at Grand Central Station, but, there are too many others’ that drown it out.

Someone who has mastered (IMHO) listening to that voice is the incomparable, Sarah Moshman. Sarah is an Emmy winning Director/Producer and I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing her a while back.

I was exploring the idea of doing another podcast on filmmaking (just going for it, if you will). This one would be different from Film Method in that it would be a bit more focused on inspiration and encouragement and a little less on the “hows” of filmmaking. I’m still not sure I want to dive in given all that I’m attempting to accomplish this year already but, having Sarah as my first guest and being able to record at one of the best studios in Los Angeles (Talk Shop, LA) makes doing this podcast extremely tempting. We’ll see 😉

Sarah is such a breath of fresh air, a bright light, if you will. And, she’s got a new project coming out today.

It’s a documentary called Losing Sight of Shore and it just sounds like an incredible journey both in front of and behind the camera. It’s about four women who row (yes, in a row boat) across the Pacific Ocean. I mean, just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster. I’ll let Sarah tell you more about it but, if it’s anything like her last documentary, The Empowerment Project, where Sarah and her team of all female filmmakers drove across America in order to encourage, empower, and inspire the next generation of strong women to go after their career ambitions, it’s sure to touch on some seriously empowering issues.

Listen in as Sarah talks about the process and inspires the beep out of me. I hope she will do the same for you.

Get out there and follow your dreams everyone! And, please let me know if you have questions, need support or just share your story in our Facebook community.

With All My Creativity,





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More Info:


Sarah Moshman is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and TV producer. Growing up in the Midwest, Sarah has been behind the camera making films since she was a teenager. After studying film at the University of Miami, she worked as a field producer for shows on ABC, NBC, MTV, Bravo, Lifetime, and the Food Network shooting and interviewing talent, often operating as a one-woman band.

In 2012, tired of the way the media portrays women; Sarah pursued her dream of making a film that celebrated strong women in the United States by taking a road trip to meet women from all walks of life.



Losing Sight of Shore is the extraordinary journey of four women known as the Coxless Crew that set out to row the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Australia unsupported. They will be the first team of four and the fastest team to ever accomplish this phenomenal feat.

They are taking this incredible journey to not only challenge themselves but honor women that have fought and overcome adversity. As they row over 8,446 miles during their six months at sea, they are raising money for the charities Breast Cancer Care and Walking with the Wounded. Their mantra is “We all have a Pacific to cross.”

Available today! For all updates on where to watch, please visit their Facebook Page



The Empowerment Project is the incredible journey of a crew of female filmmakers driving across America to encourage, empower, and inspire the next generation of strong women to go after their career ambitions.

Driving over 7,000 miles from Los Angeles to New York over the course of 30 days, the documentary spotlights 8 positive and powerful women leaders across a variety of lifestyles and industries.

In celebration of the all-female focus in front of and behind the camera, the filmmakers turned the cameras on themselves, capturing their transformational journey.

The film challenges the audience to ask themselves, “What would you do if you knew you would succeed?”

The Empowerment Project is now available on iTunes US: http://apple.co/2g5pB7Z as well as Amazon, Google Play, and more!

iTunes Canada: http://apple.co/2gCqgkV
iTunes Ireland: http://apple.co/2giERS0
iTunes UK: http://apple.co/2fH8DMv


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