Jenna Edwards is an award-winning speaker, writer and media producer who uses her experience with overcoming PTSD as well as a myriad of other situations to empower others.

In addition to inspiring and educating the next generation of creatives through teaching, previously at New York Film Academy and currently through a series of online and in person courses and workshops, she was also the host of her own radio show, “Create Your Life” and co-host of the Movie Maker Magazine top ranked podcast, “Film Method.”

Jenna is a pioneer in independent film producing. On her first feature, April Showers, Jenna and her team were able to field test the Dalsa Origin II camera before it hit the market, they were the first to edit a film natively in 4K and were one of the first to do a day and date release, putting their film in theaters and on online at the same time. The film was number 1 on iTunes beating out some major blockbuster studio movies eventually getting picked up by Warner Bros VOD.

Jenna then went on to be the first (along with her team) producer to make a narrative feature film specifically for distribution on Hulu. She believes that filmmakers have the opportunity and responsibility to take charge of their films distribution in order to create a more successful release.

Jenna is passionate about empowering filmmakers and is currently working on a series of online courses to take filmmakers through the producing process.